Compass Box Oak Cross Malt
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Compass Box Oak Cross Malt 70cl 43%

The name Oak Cross comes from the use of both American and French oak in the maturation of this whisky.
Whisky is sourced from three single malt distilleries; one for its ethereal fruity character, one for its enchanting perfume and one that lends a complex and substantial structure to the blend.
All are aged in American oak casks before placing a portion into innovative hybrid casks featuring heavily toasted new French oak heads. These give the whisky an added richness and spice-like complexity. By carefully blending back the French oak-aged whisky with its American oak-aged forebear, Compass Box are able to create a refined, rich, but well-mannered malt whisky, with fruity aspects that will remind you of baked apple or pears, complemented by a rich, toasty oak character.

Compass Box Oak Cross Malt 70cl 43%
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