Tobermory 21 Year Old Batch 6 (TBWC) 50cl

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The Tobermory distillery sits on the Isle of Mull, and has done since the late 1700s. Well, sort of. The Tobermory distillery sat there until 1972, until it became the Ledaig distillery. From then on, the Ledaig distillery sat in that same spot until it became the Tobermory distillery. Essentially, what we’re saying is that the name changed and then changed back. Speaking of changes, here’s our Tobermory label, which now features more references to Alan Partridge than you can shake a stick at. Why? Because Tobermory is unpeated - there’s no peat/Pete allowed. 

Tasting notes

Nose: Initially sweet, with creamy vanilla fudge mixed with juicy currants and raisins.

Taste: Buttery and creamy at first with sharper hints of tropical fruits like mango emerging and a spicy heat lingering.

Finish: The creamy sweetness fades away revealing oily and rubbery hints with a smokiness.

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