Egri Harmonia 2018

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Wine name: Egri Harmonia


Vineyard: Korona


Region: Eger


Country of Origin:Hungary


Grape varieties: Blauburger 40%, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Menoire and 20% Merlot




ABV:  14%


Bottle Closure: Natural Cork



Tasting notes:

This is a red wine made with reductive technology from the dominant blue-grape varieties of the historical wine region of Eger. Its flavour and fragrance present the fruitiness and sour-cherry aroma of the harmoniously married Blauburger, Menoire and Merlot which is perfectly accompanied by the spiciness and fiery character of Cabernet Sauvignon.

This wine is JUICY and moreish, very easy going and friendly.

A perfect accompaniment to pizza and pastas, reliable everyday drinking.


We recommend that it be served slightly chilled to 16-18 ºC


Vineyard Information

The Egri Korona Borház (Crown Wine House of Eger) can be found right in the middle

of the wine-growing region of Eger, next to the thermal hot spring of Egerszalók, hence minerality can be found in all their wines.

A family owned vineyard where vines are grown on the slopes next to the thermal springs and the family’s mushroom farm.

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