Kardos Tokaji Forditas 2017

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This area of Hungary is renowned for producing exceptional sweet dessert wines where its grapes have been affected by noble rot. The soil is of volcanic origin with high concentrations of iron and lime. The region has a unique micro-climate due to the protection of the nearby mountains – winters are bitterly cold and windy, spring is cool but generally dry, and summers are hot. Autumn usually brings early rains followed by an extended Indian summer, allowing a very long ripening period. The Furmint grapes begin maturation with thick skins but over time, the skin become thinner and transparent. This allows the sun to penetrate the grape, evaporating mush of the liquid inside, producing a higher sugar concentration. Unlike most other grapes that would burst and spoil, Furmint grows a second skin which seals it from rot and concentrates the grape’s natural sugars. The grapes are left on their vines long enough to develop the ‘noble rot’ mold.

Tasting notes

Mád is the essence of the Tokaj region and the Tokaji Aszú is one of the greatest gifts of nature. This rare and luscious nectar is one of the finest dessert wines you’ll ever try… rich, exotic and dangerously more-ish!.

Food match

Crème caramel, cheese board, chocolate marmalade slump cake… or nude in front of an open fire with the one you love… grrr!

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