Frittmann Kunsagi Irsai Oliver

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Tasting notes:

Irsai Olivér is a popular white wine grape variety in Hungary. It is a cross between Pearl of Csaba and Pozsonyi white grape varieties, first made in the year 1930.


A lively brilliant colour, excitingly aromatic, super fresh, crisp with citrus zest on the palate.

It shows intensive Muscat type and fruity flavours with pleasingly harmonious acidity.


Serve chilled to 9-10°C with or with out food; acidity isnt high therefore this wine pairs well with light dishes, cheese or spicy meals great with Pad Thai, poultry, fruit desserts.


Vineyard: Frittmann Estate

The Frittmann brothers winery is in a small town in the Southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, the Kunsag Region, Hungary’s largest wine making region. The Kunsag Region historically was a barren desert, where vines were grown to hold down the sandy soil.


A family vineyard owned by two brothers Janos & Istvan since 1987 but before them their parents & grandparents made wines here and their sons and daughters continue the tradition, a member of the family is involved in every part of wines from grapes, to winemaking to sales.

The prime purpose has always been to make their wines out of the region’s high quality grapes and best varieties.


The philosophy: the wine makers role with us is to make the best possible wine out of the gift of each vintage. It calls for a clever hand, a spirit of enterprise, precision, and an understanding of the colours and order of nature.


Most of the white wines & roses are made by the reductive method which leaves them fruity and fresh.

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