Tomatin Whisky Tasting - January

Tomatin Whisky Tasting January 2024

This time of year, everybody in the whisky trade tends to be overbooked for obvious reasons so we were tremendously lucky to get Krish Kumar from Tomatin distillery to host a sold out Burn’s night tasting on Thursday.

Tomatin aren’t a household name....yet!

They are slowly building their reputation on an exceedingly dependable core range and a knack for small batch limited edition whiskies that really arouse the palate.

The core as in cor! Legacy and 12yo went down really easily. Real crowd pleasers.
We also tried the Italian collection. Limited editions aged in Marsala, Amarone and Barolo cask.

All were compelling but the Barolo cask pipped it for me. It has an incredible balance of vinous and whisky flavours.

The big seller of the evening was surprising though. We sold out of Cù Bòcan Signature.

A Highland whisky that is lightly peated. It’s subtle smoke gently washes over the initial palate of honey, vanilla, and citrus notes.

I would like to thank Krish for making it happen. You are a legend, and to a brilliant crowd who turned up for the evening.